Are golf lessons worth the money?

I often overhear people in the clubhouse, or people asking me directly, whether golf lessons are actually worth it… are they necessary? Are they value for money? How many lessons should I have? When should I book a lesson? The list goes on…

You might think that I would say yes, definitely, book a lesson - but it’s actually not always the case!

In this blog, I’ll highlight the benefits of having golf lessons and I’ll also discuss why you might not want to have a golf lesson - and then you can make up your own mind!


Benefits of having a golf lesson

1. Advice from a professional coach

If you enjoy playing golf and want to improve any element of your game, it’s always worth considering booking a lesson with a PGA Professional.

As professional coaches, it’s our job to analyse your game; to look at your posture, check your set up and analyse your swing. We’re a neutral observer and we’re trained to coach, so we’ll often see something that you or your golf partner might not have ever noticed before. It’s our job to understand how you’re hitting something, so we can make small adjustments that will improve your game.

2. An opportunity to play regularly

For many people, booking a golf lesson gives them a reason to play golf. If you know you’re meeting your PGA professional the following week, you’ll want to practice what you talked about in your previous lesson; you’ll want to improve; and you’ll want to see progression.

It’s a great opportunity to play regularly, and it leads me on nicely to my next point…

3. Seeing improvement

Golf is a frustrating game - every player will tell you that - but having lessons and progressing is a great feeling. Regular lessons allows your coach to reinforce the elements you need to improve to improve your game, and you’ll find that eventually you’ll be doing these things naturally - unfortunately it doesn’t just happen overnight! However, that next time you’re playing with a friend or you enter a club tournament, and you shoot your lowest score, you'll have a huge sense of achievement, improvement and it will feel great. Those lessons will feel ‘worth it’!

A prime example to show the benefits of having a golf lesson is Raman, who I’ve been teaching for almost a year at Southampton. He started with a 14 handicap and booked in for some one-to-one lessons. He became a monthly member six months ago and we’ve been working on improving his swing and making small changes to his game. He’s now at a career low of 7 and in November, shot his lowest ever score of 75 at South Winchester.
— Raman Prendergast - 14 handicap to 7 in eight months

Why you might want not to have a golf lesson

1. You’re too busy

How many times per month do you have the opportunity to play golf? If you’re thinking of booking regular lessons, but can only play during that lesson, chances are you won’t have the opportunity to play in between. This means you won’t get chance to practice and you might not be improving, therefore the lessons probably aren’t as worthwhile as they could be.

2. You enjoy playing socially

For some people, golf is a great social game, and it doesn’t need to be anything more. If you’re happy with your game at the moment, and you don’t want a lesson, there’s absolutely no reason why you should book one!

3. You play off scratch!

And finally, you just might be amazing and there’s nothing myself, or any PGA Professional, can tell you - although, I should note here that Tour Professionals, and even Tiger, still practice every day…

So, are golf lessons worth it?

So the answer to the ultimate question - are golf lessons worth the money? My on-the-fence answer is that it depends on the golfer, and the golf coach!

Thinking about booking a lesson? Here’s some FAQs…

How frequently should I have a golf lesson?

Most of my customers either have one or two lessons every month, but I do have some regular weekly customers who often book 3 or 4 lessons in a block, and then take a break before coming back to me a few months later. Both work well, it just depends on the golfer and their priorities!

How many lessons do I need to have to improve?

Although this depends on the golfer, I’d suggest booking one lesson with a professional coach first. It’s really important that you work well with your coach - so there’s no point booking six lessons and finding out after lesson one that you actually don’t like each other! Give your professional a call or email, arrange a lesson and book more if you’re impressed!

The number you’ll need or want is then up to you. If you’re preparing for a tournament, consider booking weekly lessons in the run-up, or if you just want some consistency with your game, I’d opt for one per month.

How should I book a lesson?

You’ll most likely find your club’s PGA Professional Coach in your clubhouse or Pro shop, but you can also search for local professionals in your area. Often, Professional coaches might have special offers - particularly for new customers, so it’s always worth asking.

If you’re in Southampton, and you think you’d like to book a lesson with me, visit my online shop. Prices start from £25 for juniors and £40 for adults.