Knowing how far you hit the ball will improve your game

Do you know how far you hit the ball, and what your yardage is for each club? Do you think you'd make better choices on the course if you knew? Are you intrigued to find out?

Knowing how far you can hit the ball is one area that top professionals are so good at.

How many times do you come up short or go past the green, or see your friends and playing partners doing the same?

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In my experience, most amateur golfers are usually short, thinking they hit the ball further than they actually do. And where is most of the trouble on the golf course? Short of the hole!

Having the understanding of your yardage will allow you to make better choices on the course, improve your scorecard and reduce your handicap - making you a better, all-round golfer.

Using FlightScope technology at Boundary Lakes, I'm offering yardage sessions to identify exactly how far each ball is carrying and finishing. We'll work through the bag, hitting shots with every club, at full and half swing and record exactly how far you hit each ball, with every club. It might also identify any gaps you have in your equipment!

For me, knowing your yardage is so important. It might be the thing that's stopping you beat your best score or lowering your handicap. It's something all golfers can benefit from and doesn't need to be repeated that often.

Book yourself in for a 1-hour session at Boundary Lakes where we'll work through your whole bag and record your yardages on a yardage chart for you to take away.

Lessons are available from September 2018. 

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