Work experience for Benji at NC Golf

For two weeks in July, 15-year old Benji Ridout has been on work experience with NC Golf. Benji has a 9 handicap and is keen to lower his handicap over the next couple of years. In this guest blog, Benji shares his thoughts about work experience at NC Golf...

I've spent the last two weeks working with Nathan, who is a golf professional and coach.

Over the two weeks I've had practise days because as a golf professional you always have to keep up the practise. I've also caddied for him in two 36-hole golf competitions. They were both great days, even if the results weren't always what Nathan wanted.

Seeing Nathan play in the tournaments and see how he coaches people has really helped me to want to improve my own golf game and get as good as I can be.

On days when Nathan has been coaching, I've seen what he does and how he helps people to improve and enjoy their golf game.

The best part of the two weeks has definitely been caddying for Nathan as it has been a really good experience to see what a professional tournament is like and also to see courses which I haven't been to or played before. 

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