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What is FlightScope and how can it help my game?

An excellent piece of technology for golf coaching, FlightScope allows us to record and track your ball flight, analyse your swing on-screen and make adjustments to improve your game.

It shows a range of data and it's only available at the American Golf indoor studio at Boundary Lakes - which is perfect for sheltering from the winter weather!

FlightScope can also be used for custom fitting, with a large selection of the latest clubs which golfers are more than welcome to try.

What does a FlightScope lesson involve?

FlightScope lessons at Boundary Lakes take place in the indoor studio next to the 9th tee. A 60 minute lesson (available individually or shared) includes:

  • Full swing analysis using FlightScope X1 - showing you ball flight, club head speed, ball speed, distance, angle of attack, and launch angle;
  • One-to-one coaching to improve certain shots by:
    • Checking trajectory, spin rate and impact;
    • Looking at how shots are grouping; and
    • Eliminating bad shots to create consistency.
  • Live analysis of figures to see instant improvement and better shots; and
  • Skills challenges on the FlightScope App, enabling you to focus on yardages and build consistency.

Overall, it's a great piece of kit and really beneficial to all golfers. Come and give it a try!